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Mark Sebby - ICoMA Texas Area Director

 I am proud to be selected as the Texas Area Director for ICoMA, please all Artists, Songwriters, and Musicians, Managers, Promoters, Studios, Labels, Equipment, etc., AM, FM, satellite, and internet worldwide please find out how to join TODAY!

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 The Independent Country Music Association exists to prepare, evaluate, and promote indie Country artists as they lay the foundation for a successful music career. We provide networking opportunities with the services they need, training on aspects of the music industry, and promotion through our varied media outlets. We also create fellowship and camaraderie among the many indie country artists around the world through their local chapters, which are forming soon.

Charter Membership is open to any individuals or groups involved in performing or writing independent country music.

Youth Membership is same as above but for those under 18 years of age.

Business Membership is for those providing the services to the Charter Members above. This includes, but is not limited to, management, promotion, distribution, engineering, booking, travel, media, merchandising, manufacturers, etc. In other words, if you're making money off other members, this is for you.

Street Team Membership is for the fans that would like to help promote shows in their local area. By spreading the word on their social media sites, hanging posters around town, and generally telling everyone they know about a show, you could earn yourself discounted admission, score cool gear, or gain plain ole good karma!

Radio Membership is for those playing the indie tunes. Any radio station may be listed in the ICoMA directory at no charge.

We hope you will consider joining the ICoMA, whether you're an artist or songwriter trying to launch your career, an existing member of the music industry who caters to such individuals, or a station. In order for this organization to work as planned, we need members from every category and occupation, so please tell your friends, clients, management, and venues.

We plan on making this THE home for everyone involved in indie Country.